Frequently Asked Questions

What functionality may be ordered?

To day we offer 3 complex products that might be combined one with others: WMS (i.e. “Warehouse Management System”), BMS (i.e. “Branches Management System”) and TMS (i.e. “Transportation Management System”). In common, all the businesses start from WMS and then connect further more functionalities. But cloud system is like a builder set where you may combine functionalities according your need and business vision. Feel free to contact us!

What if I need something custom?

Not a problem - we are here to consult you. Just drop us a line, and we will be happy to assist you. Our system designed to cover very complex customizations and our team of experienced professionals is always open to new challenges.

Will updates also be free?

Sure they are completely free. Instant Updates is the one of the benefits of SaaS. Using software that is out of date may not seem like a big issue – after all, it happens all the time, and sometimes it feels like updates roll out on a never-ending basis – but failing to update apps in a timely manner can lead to vulnerabilities and compromised functionality.

What do updates cover?

As many updates they offer security patches, failing to do so can leave your systems open to attack. Using traditional software, updating can be a large commitment that often involves IT staff to ensure all team members follow prompts and upgrade by mandated deadlines. In other cases, IT pros must manually handle software updates, a hours- or days-long process that squanders time and resources. Our updates cover these tasks fully and also continuously bring a new and improve existing features. Silently and painless.

Is there development documentation?

Yes, there is. Please check our public GitHub guide for more information. The repo consists from the REST API descriptions, data schemas and EDI models in friendly and convenient format. If there are something specific needs of your integration - feel free to contact us directly by e-mail.

Are there data interchanges?

Yes, there are a lot. For your convenience we developed and published special service that handles these tasks. It is available on GitHub and called EDI Receiver. It is flexible and modern application written in Clojure that designed to bring your data into your on-premises database in next to real-time mode.