January digest

January digest

Digest of our significant events that took place in January 2022

2022 New Year

Dear Customers, Partners, Colleagues and Friends.

2022 is fast approaching, and for most people the New Year can mark an opportunity to set New Year’s resolutions, or a chance for a fresh start. As well said by T. Eliot “Every moment is a fresh beginning”, so let me wish all of you and your families a lot of such moments, best of luck and ton of health. Take of all the best into the New Year and leave all the worst in the Old one! Happy New Year!

New rock-stable EDI

  • upgraded docker configs to match pg-14 default installation
  • updated dependencies
    • PostgreSQL driver
    • MySQL driver
    • JSON libraries
      • encoder/decoder
      • schema support
    • Kafka driver
    • HTTP engine
    • HTTP client
  • added support of EDI schemas edi#v0.2.10

Release page at GitHub

TBT Cloud

Entirely new consignment logics subsystem firstly introduced for existing users of WMS and BMS SaaS-es.

Technologies overview

Our CEO and Co-Founder publication about one of our main technology

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